Quality And Innovation


In the name of quality

Nomad Picnic represents quality and reliability in each of its products. Its old, traditional products are manufactured with the same care as its latest custom developments.

The values defined as key pillars upon establishing the company continue to be present in every single product we manufacture. Only products we’d wholeheartedly recommend to our very selves may exit the factory gates.

It runs in the family

Nomad Picnic has been operating as a family business from the start and continues to operate as such. We are proud that Nomad Picnic Kft. continued to grow even in the years of economic crisis, and is Hungary’s market leading kettle maker today.

In continuous growth

Since its establishment, the company concluded each of its business years with sales volumes exceeding the previous year’s figure. Nomad Picnic’s products have also made it – via suppliers – to the shelves of retail multinationals, likewise in increasing numbers.

In 2022, we manufactured nearly 160,000 units of our own enamelled products, with the total number of items sold, including all our other products exceeding 180,000 units last year.

In order to keep serving ever increasing demand, we commenced expansion and development of the enamelling plant at our production site.


Environmental awareness

Part of our credo is to protect and preserve existing values and to care for and love our environment. Nomad Picnic Kft. has built its own wastewater treatment system at its production site that guarantees the fully environmentally responsible storage and treatment of the materials and water used.

As a next step, we intend to replace the existing energy sources by a renewable source, i.e. solar power.

Continuous renewal

Besides the production of classic products, we continuously strive to develop innovative premium products whose use enriches reunions of family and friends with new experiences. Our newest proprietary developments include the general favourite 2 in 1 chimney cake and grill barbecue and our fire pit with extensible legs.

Newest innovations

Our latest proprietary premium product is our multifunctional grill and chimney cake barbecue.

Proprietary fire pit

The extensible legs of Nomad Picnic’s fire pit are a market novelty, which allows setting the fire pit up right at the desired height.