Spit Cake Bakery
& Grill

A 2 in 1 product for the entire family’s delight

Nomad Picnic’s chimney cake and grill barbecue to please the young and the old alike. Thanks to its compact structure, the barbecue has a small footprint, and is easy to move and clean.

Grill vegetables and meats on it, then bake some chimney cake for dessert. This two in one barbecue is guaranteed to become the favourite item of garden parties.

Thanks to its compact design, Nomad Picnic’s proprietary chimney cake barbecue is easily portable and storable.

Spit cake bakery & grill

Dimensions: the 2 in 1 chimney cake barbecue weighs only 4.2 kg and is 35 cm long.

Material: painted steel and natural beech wood.

Instructions for use: apply oil to the wooden spits sparingly before use to avoid the dough sticking to it.

Cleaning: wash with neutral washing up liquid, avoiding utensils and agents that may scratch the surface! The barbecue grill can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Salty or sweet?


Would you barbecue or rather bake chimney cake at the garden party?

Or perhaps both?:)