Fire Pit

An environmentally friendly campfire

Nomad Picnic’s fire pit guarantees crackling fire, comfortable warmth and intimate evenings while being safe and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to its legs, the fire pit can be kept at a safe distance from the lawn in order not to burn it. Its legs are extensible, allowing building higher fire pits if necessary. The holes in its centre allow drainage of rainwater. The product is made from steel sheet, therefore it naturally rusts, which has no influence on the product’s quality.
The legs of the fire pit are removable, facilitating storage and transportation.

Nomad Picnic fire pits are available in two sizes.

Enviroment-friendly fire pit

Sizes: Nomad Picnic fire pits are available in two sizes, with diameters of 55 and 75 cm.

Material: 1.5 mm thick natural steel plate, with legs made of 1.5 mm thick pressed steel plate and handles made from 9 mm round steel bar.

Use: the legs of the fire pit are extensible. It is not recommended to join more than 3 leg units.

Cleaning: wash with neutral washing up liquid.

Doesn’t one get to hear the most exciting stories around a campfire?


Running around barefoot in the grass, counting the stars lying on your back, and listening to stories of old with jaws dropped, sitting around the fire. These are experiences that shouldn’t be missing from anyone’s childhood.

- Tamás Csala