For the young and the old

Bake your own home made chimney cake for the children and grill barbecue delights for the adults! There’ll sure be no mouths left empty at this garden party!

Nomad Picnic

We intended to highlight the importance of family, friends and the love of nature in our high-quality and outstandingly versatile outdoor products.

NEW product

Nomad Picnic’s newest product is its proprietary two-in-one grill and chimney cake
barbecue, for the young and the old alike.

Most popular

Nomad Picnic’s most popular product, also used to make traditional Hungarian goulash, is the classic goulash kettle, sold in record numbers last year yet again.

Family and friends

A campfire and common meals contain everything that has real importance in life. Family, friends and sweet memories that make us smile even when told for the hundredth time.

Surrounded by nature

The fresh air, the picturesque natural scenery and joint adventures are the rewards for all those who kindle fire under a kettle.



To the average Hungarian, it is no question that true hospitality and having one’s good fill are impossible without a hearty Hungarian dish. Be it fisherman’s soup, Hungarian goulash or a fine ‘pörkölt’ in the plate, we are all preserving our own heritage.

Unbroken success since 1999

A key pillar of the success of our company and the Nomad Picnic brand lies in themprinciples our products are intended to represent: themimportance of family and friends, the love of nature and the preservation of our values. We believe that love, commitment and expertise are all required to create something excellent.

Nomad Picnic’s story began in 1999, and it has been a private company in Hungarian ownership ever since.

Time spent together is a gift


Running around barefoot in the grass, counting the stars lying on your back, and listening to stories of old with jaws dropped, sitting around the fire. These are experiences that shouldn’t be missing from anyone’s childhood.

- Tamás Csala