Kettle Stand

On a firm footing

An indispensable item to hold the kettle and the delicacy it contains safely. Nomad Picnic’s stands are user friendly, easily folding and compact in design for easy transportation, and their telescopic legs permit setting it at arbitrary heights.

The twisted shape of Nomad Picnic’s kettle stand lends stability and rigidity to the structure, which is also fitted with a kettle swinging handle at the top.

Nomad Picnic’s kettle stands are available with both fixed and telescopic legs.

Nomad Picnic’s kettle stands are available in two types and 3 different sizes.

Kettle stands

Types: fixed kettle stand, telescopic kettle stand

Sizes: Nomad Picnic’s kettle stands come in 3 different sizes and two designs.
Fixed kettle stand: 100, 120 cm
Telescopic stand: 120-180 cm

Material: painted steel

Cleaning: wipe first with a wet, then a dry cloth.

Are outdoor bites tastier?


Somehow, any dish prepared at a barbecue outdoors always seems to taste better than the same prepared at home. There’s nothing like a kettle party in nature: the crackling fire, the fine scents and the smoke from the fire lend aromas to the dish prepared that an indoor kitchen can never recreate.