Hungarian And Croatian Cauldrons

An indispensable item of every countryside householde

The traditional Hungarian cauldron cannot be missing from any countryside household. At pig slaughters, this useful dish holds the hot water, it is used to boil the bacon (for making ‘Abált szalonna’, a traditional Hungarian belly dish) and fat is also rendered in the cauldrons. Its shape also enables stirring the fat with little effort, as its curvy contour effectively guides the wooden spoon.
This type of cauldron is often the choice of countryside housewives, when the time for making jam or preserving tomatoes comes. Besides Hungarian cauldrons, Nomad Picnic also manufactures traditional Croatian cauldrons.

Nomad Picnic’s cauldrons come in two types and 5 different sizes.

Traditional Hungarian and Croatian cauldrons

Sizes: Nomad Picnic manufactures two types of cauldrons; Hungarian cauldrons, available in sizes of 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 litres, and Croatian cauldrons, available in sizes of 70, 80 and 100 litres.

Material: enamelled metal (2 layers of enamel)

Cleaning: wash with neutral washing up liquid, avoiding utensils and agents that may scratch the surface! Protect from impact.

Matching accessories

Liverwurst or black pudding boiler


Do not use for distilling spirits! Why?


The alcohol content of most distilled spirits ranges between 37.5% and 55%. These alcohol-containing liquids damage the walls of enamelled dishes, therefore the cauldrons are not recommended for distilling spirits.