Goulash Kettle

The genuine Hungarian goulash

Goulash, along with its close relatives ‘pörkölt’ and ‘paprikás’, i.e. the other members of the goulash family, are among the classic masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine. Classic Hungarian goulash adds to the prestigious list of Hungarikums, with many other Hungarikums found among its very ingredients. The best goulash is cooked in a kettle over open fire, where the burning wood can lend a pleasant, smoky flavour to the soup.

Nomad Picnic’s goulash kettles are handmade products in the kettle’s traditional shape. Thanks to its conventional tulip shape, the dish cooks the meat evenly by circulating it during the process. Our enamelled kettles are coated with 2 layers of enamel for improved appearance and durability. This kettle type is the most suitable type for cooking ‘pörkölt’. Our goulash kettles are manufactured in two variants and several sizes.

Nomad Picnic goulash kettles are available in 11 different sizes.

Classic goulash kettle

Sizes: Nomad Picnic’s classic, enamelled goulash kettle is available in 11 different sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 16, 22, 25, 30, 40, 50 litres), as well as in the small size of 0.75 l, used for serving.

Material: enamelled (coated with 2 layers of enamel) and stainless steel variants are available.

Cleaning: wash with neutral washing up liquid, avoiding utensils and agents that may scratch the surface! Protect from impact.

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Is it best served hot?


Opinions on whether classic Hungarian dishes are best served hot ad spicy are diverse. “Different strokes for different folks.” is what we believe. One thing is certain though: Whether prepared with hot or sweet paprika, a Hungarian goulash prepared over open fire is simply matchless!:)