For Resellers

From A to Z

The entire process is covered

> Our company controls the process from manufacturing the product all the way to delivery.

> We manufacture, package and palletise the products, delivering them on request via our logistics system. Our company and its processes are fast, accurate and reliable!

> Our manufacturing, packaging and logistical processes are adapted on request to the needs of wholesalers, resellers and suppliers of retail multinationals.

> Make the most of our excellent individual pricing options, available for large-volume orders.

> Administration of export customs clearance to EU as well as non-EU destinations.

> Organisation of truck haulage and delivery within the EU on request.

> Our production site is easily accessible by lorries.

Enamelled goulash kettle

Our most popular product

> We supply our most popular products, the enamelled Hungarian goulash-kettles (bogracs), in different sizes sold by multinational companies, packed in boxes and labelled according to the individual needs of the companies.

Optimised production

We deal with large-scale production and storage

> Our production processes are optimised, allowing us to operate with outstanding efficiency.

> The popular sizes are manufactured in series of several tens of thousands.

> On average, we hold an inventory of about 30-40 thousand finished kettles and the same volume of semi-finished units, too.


Fast and safe

> We respond fast to orders placed. For order volumes between 500 and 2000 pcs, the delivery is dispatched within one week, and the order is delivered within 10 working days.

> Six months’ inventory is held of every raw material, enabling us to quickly respond to larger orders as well.

> Our company controls every manufacturing process, technology and raw material
(we have our own enamelling plant and metal workshop with safely large raw material stock levels), making us independent of external factors, ensuring stability and reliability for our clients.