Nomad Picnic


Outdoor barbecue and cooking, intimate moments

Nomad Picnic’s outdoor products fuse the love of nature and the importance of time spent together with quality. Have a kettle or a grill party or bake chimney cake according to the traditional recipes, or create something new and unique together!

Nomad Picnic brings the family together

Spending some time outdoors with family and friends, sitting in the grass is perhaps one of the most invaluable treasures of our time. These are the moments that give birth to the nostalgic memories at future Sunday lunches.

Tradition and innovation

Nomad Picnic represents quality and reliability in each of its products. Its old, traditional products are manufactured with the same care as its latest custom developments.

Generations’ heritage

Nomad Picnic’s traditional kettles welcome ingredients of recipes carefully preserved through many generations. Be it the famous Baja fisherman’s soup or a fine goulash, a family lunch has Hungarikums served in the plate that define Hungarian cuisine.

Joint meals, unforgettable experiences

The preparation of the food, the charm of the location and mostly, good company are what make the difference between a simple meal and a memorable dinner.