Fish Soup Kettle

 The dish for making the original fisherman’s soup

It’s our great pride that both the fisherman’s soups of Baja and the Tiszanian region have made it to the Collection of Hungarikums. Although the two fish soups differ in terms of ingredients and preparation, one common solid point is that a genuinely delicious soup must be prepared in a kettle.

The secret of a fish soup kettle lies in its shape. Fisherman’s soup must be boiled intensively, but the boiling water would break up the fish in a conventional pot. Thanks to its conical mantle narrowing upwards and its bead line, the fish soup kettle circulates the liquid inwards while leaving the fish effectively undisturbed..

Nomad Picnic’s Baja fish soup kettle is beaded, making it more rigid and stable than competing beadles variants. Our fish soup kettles are manufactured in two variants and different sizes.


Nomad Picnic’s fish soup kettles are available in 9 different sizes.

Classic fish soup kettle

Sizes: A Nomad Picnic halfőző bogrács 9 különböző méretben érhető (6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40 liter)

Anyaga: kapható zománcozott (2 réteg zománc) és rozsdamentes változatban is.

Cleaning: wash with neutral washing up liquid, avoiding utensils and agents that may scratch the surface! Protect from impact.

Matching accessories

Serving kettle

Kettle stand

With bread or with ‘gyufatészta’ (thick-cut spätzle)?


The fisherman’s soups of Baja and the Tiszanian region differ not only in terms of ingredients but preparation, too. Whether its better with bread or ‘gyufatészta’ will probably remain an eternal point of antagonism between regional enthusiasts, but they all agree there is no making a genuinely delicious fish soup without the appropriate kettle.